So you set your watch date and everything is all fine and dandy, but when you wake up the next day the date didn’t automatically change to the next day. You wait and wait, and after 12 o clock in the afternoon, it finally changes to the current day.


You get really frustrated and you stay up until midnight, get disappointed that the date doesn’t change automatically, so you manually change the date to the current date at mightnight, hoping that since you set it now, the watch knows to automatically change at midnight instead of the afternoon. You feel super accomplished and wake up this morning knowing your beloved watch got the date right, but as the day goes on, you look at your watch with anger because it changed the date forward once more at noon. Now you’re a time traveler and living one day ahead.


Although this is a slight inconvenience, it is really annoying buying a watch with a date feature, and then not having it work 50% of the time because it changes at the wrong time.


BUUUUUT, let me give you some hope and tell you that there is a really easy way to fix this:



See your watch has an internal mechanism that automatically changes the date every 24 hours. Basically, your watch doesn’t know the difference between AM and PM, and just automatically changes the date every other pass at the 12 marker. But right now, your watch does that in the afternoon, not knowing that it is 12PM instead of 12AM.


To not overcomplicate anything ,the best way to fix this is not by changing the date of your watch, but by changing the time of your watch. Fix the time of the watch and go forward until the date of your watch changes, now you know that it is 12AM according to your watch, and now you can just keep moving the the time forward until your current time.


For example, if it is currently 3PM in the afternoon, you would move the time forward until the date changes on your watch, then keep going forward, passing the 12 marker one more time until you get to 3.


Then, you can set the date accordingly and it will finally set the time at midnight!


Now you can sleep and wake up in peace knowing that you can always look down at your watch and find the right date. It is a truly useful feature once it establishes its credibility.

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