Ever wanted to know how long one of these replica watches lasts compared with the originals? Well you are about to find out.


In the video, I test how long the power reserve will last for the AP 15400 from the TF V2 factory (check out the review of this watch here, or the unboxing here).


The Test

To accurately test this, I first wanted to make sure that the power reserve is totally full.

What I did was that I wore the watch all day and walked around as much as possible. I even went bowling with this watch. Then after coming home, I wound the watch around 30 or so times to completely make sure that this watch was at full power reserve (as you can see in the video).


Then, I layed down the watch on a table noting the time that I dropped it down:  12:02 AM where the date just changed to the 26th. Afterwards, I continued to monitor the watch every couple of hours and every time I woke up making sure to check before 12 o clock and after 12 o clock so I can tell the difference of whether it stopped in the AM or PM.


The Results

Finally, the watch ran out of power at 9:48PM on the 27th.

So taken together, the watch was put down at 12:02AM on the 26th (midnight), and then ran out of power at 9:48PM on the 27th.

That means the total power reserve for this watch is 45 hours and 46 minutes if my math is right.



How it Compares

Compare this with the original AP 15400 power reserve of 60 hours, it is pretty good for the price. A power reserve of 45 hours means you can wear it comfortable each day knowing that it won’t stop on you, you can even alternate watches every other day. But, you can’t let it sit for two days straight because it will stop on you. A power reserve of 60 hours would have been great, but this is a fraction of the price of the regular AP so I can’t really complain too much about this.


I got this watch for around ~200ish not including the shipping and transaction costs. But, honestly, if I was to buy this again (for reasons listed in the review), I would go for the higher end AP models such as the V2J or V3 from the JF factory as those are top notch in terms of aesthetics.


The movement for this model that I got was the Miyota 9015.


I got this watch from a different trusted dealer, but I didn’t have the best experience with him as he kind of hid some stuff in the QC pics and I just felt like he didn’t care for me since I told him I was a newbie at buying replicas. But if you want to know where to get this watch, check out who I get my watches from now.

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