Here is my unboxing of the Breitling SuperOcean Heritage II Replica 42mm from the GF Factory. This is the best version of this watch so I highlight how the watch came packaged and first impressions of the watch.


I originally posted a video of this watch for people to decide whether this watch was real or fake, and this replica is so good that some people thought it was real. Check the video out so you can decide for yourself.


Let me know what you think of this watch and what questions you want to see answered about this watch.


I got this watch for $388 without shipping or any transaction fees. Check out where I get my watches from if you’re interested.

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Has a love for watches, fashion, and all things interesting. Known to buying watches out of nowhere and making bad financial decisions.

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  1. Charlie

    Hi I have just ordered this watch and will let you know when it arrives here in the UK and my thoughts. Using the same supplier that you bought from.


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