As usual after getting a watch, one of the first of many tests (such as my lume test) that I do on my replica watches is to test how long the power reserve is on my new Breitling SuperOcean Heritage II 42mm, just as I do on my other watches.

The Test

To accurately test the power reserve of any given watch, in this case my Breitling SuperOcean, I first have to make sure that the power reserve of this watch is completely full.


I did this on my Panerai and my AP by making sure that I was active on the watch on the day of the test. Similarly, I wore the Breitling all day on the day of the test, making sure to get a lot of walking and hand motion activities done such as getting groceries and the such. Then, I wound the watch at least 30 times to make sure that the power reserve is completely full.


After winding the watch, I laid the watch down in a stationary position on a flat table at 9:45 PM on the 18th.


I periodically checked up on the watch (without touching it of course) to make sure that the watch was still running especially in critical moments such as before it struck 12 in the afternoon, after it struck 12, and periodically in between. I did this to make sure that I know exactly what position the watch is in (in terms of AM and PM).


The watch finally ran out of power and stopped at 3:55 PM on the 20th. 


Doing the math to find out the total power reserve comes out to be a total of 42 hours and 10 minutes:

Set the watch down at 9:45 PM on the 18th.

Watch ran out of power at 3:55 PM on the 20th. 

Total Power Reserve of 42 hours and 10 minutes


How does this compare?

Comparing this to my other watches:

My AP Royal Oak 15400 has a power reserve of 45 hours and 46 minutes

My Panerai PAM 508 has a power reserve of 32 hours and 37 minutes


So overall, this watch holds up at 42 hours which is definitely better than the Panerai and great for an everyday watch to wear as it is a great sporty, but classy watch that goes with almost anything! You can wear cargo shorts and go grocery shopping with this, but can also wear this to a formal wedding.


However, compared to the authentic Breitling SuperOcean Heritage II which has a power reserve of 70 hours, this Breitling has about 60% of the power reserve capacity.

Authentic Breitling SuperOcean Heritage has a power reserve of 70 hours while this one has a power reserve of 42, about 60% of the original


The movement for this specific Breitling is an ETA 2824-2 so the power reserve does match up to what was specified by the dealer as the movement. The movement specifically has a power reserve of around 38 hours to 40 hours.

How much was this watch and where did I get it from?

I get this question a lot in terms of where I get my watches, and to summarize, I got this watch, my Rolex Milgauss, and my Panerai from the here.

I paid $388 for this watch specifically without shipping or transaction fees. Shipping fees are generally not that much, probably around $30-40 at most and I paid with Paypal so I didn’t have any transaction fees.


Check out the unboxing of this watch here, check out the lume test as well, and a full review (coming soon) of what I think of this watch here and let me know what you think!


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