Here is an unboxing my first replica watch that I personally bought after starting to learn about trusted dealers and the intricacies of the replica watch market.


The first watch that I got is the Audemars Piguet AP 15400 Royal Oak. I got the V2 version from the TF factory.


Unfortunately, even when buying from the trusted dealers’ sites, you usually have to pay extra (which of course I didn’t do because I was cheaping out and testing out because it was my first replica purchase). However, I now know that it is not too bad not getting a case because the watch is the main centerpiece and what you will be wearing.


If you want to see a full review of this watch along with a video, check out my blog post which does just that.

Ever wanted to know how long the power reserve is on one of these replica watches and how it compares with the video, check out this video.


Check out Who I Get My Watches From.

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