I currently get my watches from Andrew at TrustyTime. TrustyTime is a trusted dealer listed on RWI, RWG, and RepGeek so he is trustworthy to me and I got my Panerai from him and a couple of other watches that I am getting from him now.

To contact him, you can email him at trustytime101@gmail.com or go to his website: Trusty Time Website

Let him know that “Gentlemens Rep” referred you so.


For being a subscriber, I want to give you guys some discount codes:

If you only get 1 watch, you get $5 off using the code: TRUSTY2018-1W

Now if you get 2 watches, you get $10 off each (so total of 20 off): TRUSTY2018-2W

Now if you get 3 watches, you get $15 off each (so total of 45 off): TRUSTY2018-3W

Now if you get 4 watches, you get $20 off each (so total of 80 off): TRUSTY2018-4W


Let me know what your experience with him is and post pictures of the watch you got in the comments, I would love to see them!

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Has a love for watches, fashion, and all things interesting. Known to buying watches out of nowhere and making bad financial decisions.

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  1. Jack

    The link you provided has the website, but it has been taken down for “products bearing counterfeit trademarks.” Do you know of any other trustworthy replica sites?

    • The Gentleman

      Sorry for the lag in response, I updated the link after I saw your comment


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